The two bhakti saints are
1- kabir das- he wrote dohas or two line couplets and sukhis 
2-meera- meera wrote her poems in the praise of lord krishna
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Kabir is believed to have greatest influence on people and society.he preached to the world a life of devotion and love for all through his sakis,dohas and bhajans.he is believed to have born between 1398 and 1440 in a hindu family but its believed that he was brought by a muslim weaver.he was a devotee of saint ramanand.

guru nanak was the founder of sikhism.he was born in 1469 in nankana sahib now in pakistan.he advised 3 practices- 1 naam japo 2kirat karo 3 vand chakko.he established langar at the age of 52 at kartarpur.he pased away in 1539.his teaching are called gurbani and are stored in adi granth.
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