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Once upon a time there was a theif who used to steal everything what he day he saw a boy walking to the market then he follows that boy and at a place where nobody is around he goes to the boy and he tries to rob him.he will say to the boy to give him all what the boy had then the boy says if ur looking for money it is there in my pocket.then he takes the money and gives the boy back his shirt.and the boy says "theif if u had no money go and work i a sure that u will get a nice job".the theif gets influenced by the boy and he gets a job in the company of a gentlement. and he also learns how to read and write.

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if ur unsatisfied please say me i will make changes in the story
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is this okay?
and u also add one more line near company of a gentlement--------he works so hard in the morning and he also learns to read and write at the same time .and one day he will see the boy by whom he got influenced and he says thanks to that boy .he works really very hard and earns money which is sufficient to his livelihood
i mean--once upon...... all what the boy had.then the boy takes off his shirt and says if ur looking for money -here continue the answer what i wrote first.............and at the last sentence ---company of gentlement.he works so hard---now continue the comment what i wrote
and at last add --he lives a truthful life and a secure life .when he was a theif he always used to hide in a hut but now he can live his life the moral of the story is to live ur life trurhfully
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