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                                               Importance of Time

     Time is one  of the most important  resources that we have.  Time is the measure of duration of an event, or the gap or duration between two events.  Time is the fourth dimension after 3-d space dimensions.

Characteristics which make time important:   

     One very important characteristic of time is that none of us, even the richest person, can buy time or can stop the flow of time.  The time always moves forward at the same pace, no matter what we do.   Most of the real life processes in the world that depend on time.  A job requires a finite time to get done.  A boy or a girl needs some years of time to grow. 

     Another important characteristic about the Time is we cannot get back the time we have lost already.  We cannot rewind the time.  We always age physically and progress ahead in time into the future.  Hence, we need to value our time and use that effectively.

     There is a saying that a stitch in time saves ....  In Indian languages there is a saying that, if we delay then even the amrut (divine potion) becomes a poison.  So if we do not do some thing at the time that it is supposed to be done, then we cannot probably do that afterwards.
     Each person whether a child, a boy, a girl or an adult, has to do his/her duties in order to fulfil one's responsibilities or expectations from them.  Hence, it is most important for us to utilize our time carefully and profitably with wisdom, to do what we are supposed to do, at each moment of our life.  Opportunities are provided and to be taken at appropriate times.  Perhaps they are not available later, with the same values.

How to manage:
    There are many ways of managing one's time.  One should identify one's jobs and duties.  One should prioritize and estimate the durations needed.  One should than make a time table for each day to each month of the year.  Then mark the calendar.  So each day we follow our calendar to efficiently execute our scheduled activities.

   Those who play time bound games, and prepare for time bound examinations know well enough about the importance of time.  However, all individuals are not alike.  Some of us are good at performing under pressure.  Some of us are good at performing at own leisure and pace.  Whatever the abilities of the person and activity be, physical and mental preparation ahead of an activity is important and that helps us save us from disappointment.


  Our elders say earn while you can.  Make hay while Sun shines.  So the importance of time is enormous.  Some say time is money.  There is also a saying that 80% of work is done in 20% of the time and 20% of work is done in 80% of time.   

   There are many recommended time management tools, methods and techniques for children, students, adults, or elderly.  Following them helps us.  Reduce wasting time, and engage in useful activities, automatically we do take care of our time.

   Whatever the sayings are, ultimately we must utilize our time in the best way possible for achieving our long term and short term targeted goals and be happy and satisfied.

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