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   Instead of speech writing, it is Format of a Delivering a Speech

     I will say that there is no unique format.  Every one has one's special way of speaking and giving speeches.  Prepared speeches are different from debating speeches and from spontaneous speeches.  The contents for speeches on controversial topics, burning issues will be different from classical topics.

1.  First we address the audience.
2.  We tell our topic, our intentions.  Sort of a brief introduction.  This could make the audience feel interested for the rest of the speech.
3.  We detail each part of the topic.  We explain it, express our view, say pros and cons, any history if required and logical reasons for taking our stand.  Quote only authentic data/records collected by some agency.
4.  We mention / suggest some actions to be taken, if that is relevant.
5.  We conclude, by saying the summary and an overall view in a nutshell.  This consolidates the entire speech.
6.  We can create new quotes, or use quotes by famous persons.  The quotes must be to the point and quickly comprehensible.  The quotes can be used right at the beginning, or in the middle or at the end.

   - Dare to say opinions freely and openly.  We should not be weak or neutral.  Be assertive.
  -  One can use good vocabulary, if one is good at the language.
  -  The format depends also on the time limits for the speech and the audience.
  -  Explain quickly in a sentence or so, any special terms used.
  -  Realize that others also have their opinions and assess our opinions as we speak.
  In all that above speech, the audience should come to feel that it is their topic, and their opinion and their conclusion and not just yours.

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