my little sister,
                      as you know that now-a-days it is very importan to read news paper to each and every one of nation to waht is happening in and around the world
so I advice you to read daily news paper
                             bye take care!
                                                                             yours well wisher 

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to you
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New Delhi
Date 20 August 2015

Dear Shriya,

I hope you are happy and in good health.I hope you are doing well in studies.. I am very happy with your performance in your half early exams this year and i am sure you will keep up the same grades in the coming exams. You should read newspaper regularly be well informed about the happening around you. Alot of things are happening in your surroundings you need to follow you should keep track with the social and political system of our country . By reading newspaper you will get a lot of knowledge about the things. So by this letter I urge you subscribe a leading newspaper and read them regularly.I hope you will take this advice seriously. Take Care
With lots of love,
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