The most outstanding monument built by emperor shahjahan is the taj mahal at agra. it is on the  bank of river  yamuna. his grand mausoleum was build in the memory of his beloved queen mumtaj mahal. it has been described as " A dream in marble designed by fairies and completed by jewellers."
it is made of pure white  marble. as a monument of love.its stand on a platform of 8.5 meter height. the mausoleum rises to a height of 32.4 meters. it is surmounted by cupolas at each corner.the bulbous dome in the center of the cupolas has the appearance of an inverted lotus.

There are four smaller domes at the four corners of the building. four minarets stand at each corner of the terrace. the outer walls and the interior walls are richly decorated with exquisite inlay work and calligraphy.

The mausoleum is surrounded by beautiful gardens and fountains. it is an spectacular and one of the seven wonders of the world.

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