TEACHERS DAY Is one of the best day in the year for any student to show their gratitude towards his/her teacher.Teachers are the most important people who brought us up and make us travel to greater heights so far. Hence, we must never forget them.Remember that your first teachers are your PARENTS. They made you talk,walk,write,read and what not everything.It is also that our parents are life time teachers.
                   Actually teachers day is celebrated, memorizing the former late VICE PRESIDENT of India DR. SARVEPALLI RADHAKRISHNAN's BIRTHDAY who was student's favourite when he was teaching.Teachers day is celebrated on SEPTEMBER 5th.Some of his students came to him and asked if they could do for him something.Then RADHAKRISHNAN replied "please do celebrate my birthday as TEACHERS DAY. from then we started to celebrate teachers day.
                                       THANK U...