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The crust is the outermost covering of the earth. it is rocky covered with soil. the rocks are not in one piece. they are fragmented . each fragment is called a plate. the plates are ever sliding and rubbing against each other. when the plates brush past one another they cause distrubance on the surface of the earth. at times , two rubbing rocks get jamed ( that is locked) and to overcome this, they move with force. initally, the rubbing may produce sound waves of rumble, which indicates coming of earthquake. irt may be followed by displacement of rocks resulting in the shaking of earth's crust and damage to the objects on the surface
this causes earthquake

the safty measures during thunderstorm is as follows
- disconnect all your heavy electrical appliances .the electrical discharge may damage them.
- do not stand  under trees or touch them or any other metallic poles
- do  bath under running taps
- walking under a umbrella should not be done
- best is not to move out

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Main cause of the eathquake is move of tetonic plates in the eaths crust.their edges cut against each other to form what we call earthquake,.