Girls have the capability of ruling the world..we have many examples who did it..for example like Indira gandhi, Rani lakshmi bhai, Rudramadevi. lets don't deviate the topic. Girls education is improvising nowadays but still some of the girls in the country are not able to study due to their poverty, no awareness in some people and many reasons. There is a saying IF FATHER IS EDUCATED, ONLY HE IS EDUCATED, IF MOTHER IS EDUCATED, WHOLE FAMILY IS EDUCATED". It means that if father is educated, he goes for job for livelihood, if mother educated, she might g for job but will surely take care of the children. awareness should be brought so that all girls are educated. even the PRIME MINISTER, NARENDRA MODI STARTED A PROGRAMME NAMED " BETI BACHAO, BETI PADHAO" to makeĀ  all the girl child to study.
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