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                                    SPORTS and GAMES

Introduction :
     Hey friends, I will say a few words on our favorite topic "Sports".  Sports and games are very important for all of us.  The sports are recreative activities during leisure time. They are similar to games, but there is a difference.  Games have a game point like 11 in table tennis and 21 in badminton.  Sports do not have such limit and the winner is the one who displays superior performance.

   Sports and games can be indoor or outdoor.  They can be played by one person, or in a group (individual or team based).  There are many cheaper sports, those which are related to mind and brain, and those which involve children or adults irrespective of their ages.

More about sports :
    Playing sports develops not only the physique of children but also brings out sportsmanship in them.  We learn a lot of skills, knowledge about ourselves and we learn to improve steadily.

   Sports help us to stay fit. They also help many persons get a career.  In the 21st century sports have become a big business and successful sportsmen are worshipped too.  Indoor games can help us refresh ourselves without danger of hurting ourselves.

   By playing sports/games, we improve our concentration, focus, and coordination between mind and body.  We improve upon speed of our senses and responses.  Many people like their life to be like a game and like to play like a sports person, accepting the challenge and living up to the expectations.  We improve up on anticipation, estimation and quick reactions to events in real time.

   By playing sports or supporting our favourite sports persons, we express our feelings and attain some content and satisfaction.  Also, we learn discipline, team spirit and sportsman spirit.  We learn also that we can not always win and remain on top for a long duration.  What is important is to involve completely and render ourselves and our talents towards the game.  Thus one learns to be humble.

   Sports should not be played to humiliate another person.  Further, sports nowadays is a good career option and money earning means for expert players.  In the recent times, there are many sports leagues being popularized and they have received a lot of attention. Many sports persons have become rich too.

   Sports keep us fit physically and mentally.  Fitness is important for adults to age healthily and to avoid obesity.   It is good to encourage all members of a family to participate together in sports either physical, or mind based, a combination including literature or other basis.  That helps development of all members of the family and unites the family.

   Playing a lot of video, electronic and computer games can be harmful to the mind, as it may make a person dull and addicted.


   Winning isn't everything, but wanting to win is. -  Vince Lombardi

    And, we can develop that only when we play and involve. So friends, lets get together and enroll ourselves in some sports, if we are not already there. Let us choose  those which do not cost much. I love and play sports/games. I hope you would take them up too. Thanks for listening to me attentively. 

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Games are very important in our daily lives. because they give physical exercise to our body. and also give mind relaxation such that our stress will be gone. recently pullela gopichand also got padma bhushan and dronacharya award in those games category.  We get the more concentration power through this games. Through this games we can know our stamina and strength. We can met new friends through games. they helps for good blood circulation. it is a good exercise to our body. Through them, we can do exercise , we will be a healthy person. It is not easy to gain the badminton sportsmanship. It needs a lot of practice with dedication and determination.                
                                     Hence according to me, games have a great value in our life .And also to promote them, various organisations are opened . Long terms national sports policy are taken up  by the government to promote sports especially for these type of games. in vijayawada too recently a big practise station was opened. today many people are engaged in this sector only. Governments are giving a boost up competition between men and women in the sports. the women like saina, sindhu, sania, mithali etc and the men like kashyap, kohli, etc were became famous through these games. active participation in these sports are very necessary on now a days.
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