1. Future is a lot of excitement.
2. Future always develops in us a suspense and thrill kind of feeling.
3. Always be positive and everything will turn out to be good.

With some of my points, I hope you can form your own answer. Elaborate on the same points and you will be fit for the ASL

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   Future is a hope for all.  Every one looks for a better tomorrow.  Future is a very interesting topic for discussion, planning, hoping, wishing, praying and acting for.  There is a saying by the Wise, Yesterday is gone, and Tomorrow is not yet come but Today is realistic.  So any action that we want to do, we must do now.  However, the actions that we select to do and act, are for laying a good foundation for a better tomorrow than today.

   “The future depends on what you do today.” ― Mahatma Gandhi.

   One earns so that one can live with family in a comfortable manner tomorrow.  One studies and learn knowledge to be able to gain respectable status and earn in future.  Individuals, organizations and even the government make plans for future. 

   It is necessary that we organize ourselves, plan for activities, growth, expansion, reaching higher peaks in career and status in future.  Then it is important to follow the plan to achieve our expected goals.

   There are many astrologists who foretell our futures using our horoscope and some other signs.  There is a formal science and sastra on horoscopy.  Not knowing future is some what intriguing and perplexing for many.  Often people do corrective actions by various means to hope for a better future.

   For our elders, it is important to plan for safer and secure life.  They have to ensure a good income, a good house or apartment, good education for us and a good career for us.    We have to plan for a good career and work towards that.  We must also plan for any contingencies also and be well prepared for that.  So we must have a good alternative plan of action.  It is usually called the Plan B.

   Future is green when our intentions are clean and not mean.  Sincere work in the right direction always takes one to success.  Hope for a better future is what holds the key for people to continue to live for the next day.

   “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”  ― Eleanor Roosevelt.

   We must always believe in ourselves and be optimistic about the future.  We  must plan and work continuously and smoothly for it.  Not only our future, but also  the future of our country is in our hands.  Let's build it and let’s build it strong.

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