A house and a home this two words with very different meanings.A house is nothing but a material which protects us from sunlight or a terrible storm.A house is made of bricks,stones etc. But a home is different . It is where you can find the true happiness and the comfort. The happiness lies in the family members. Our family members are our greatest support.It's said  "Home is where a heart is". Home is a place where you always feel safe and loved and a caring place. A home is a place where you are always welcomed and wanted. A house is a shelter consisting of walls,windows,floors. A house is just a building where a home is pace where we are loved a lot and cared.When I walk inside my home I feel it's the most safe environment .We all family members love and care a lot for each other and do our best to make our home a sweet home.
"A house is a shelter consisting of walls, floors, doors, windows; roof etc. in which human being live."
but ours love normal home to beautiful house, not 
decoration! be it ever so humble, there's no place like home'. These famous words immortalize the importance of the home.. A house is only a building while a home is a building full of love and care. My home is a happy home. We the children love our parents and they in turn do all they can to make our life cheerful, enjoyable and least burdensome. We care for each other and do our very best to make our home a happy and a sweet home.
thank you...