Most people who are homeless have menatl health problems or dual diagnosis alcohol and mental health problems. Neither of these can be their own fault. If you have ever tried to sleep through a night on a park bench you would wonder how anybody did it in the depths of winter. 
The Medical Model has nothing to give to people with any mental health problems except containment - knock out 
drugs very similar in effect to alcohol. 
Socieyt has no cure for its most vulnerable people. 
Psychiatric institutions will not work with anybody who has an alcohol problem and the alcohol agencies have no way to help unless the person has enough will to help themselves - so they are pushed away from services to spend their lives begging for enough alcohol to commit slow suicide. 
It happens in front of our noses and disgust makes the barrier. 
We cannot help them so we hate them. 

Many young people are on the street because their housing got closed down and they get into a downward spiral of not being able to get a job without an address and not being able to get the money for a deposit for an address. Many young people run away from abuse at home and get sucked into prostitution. 

We as a society fail so many people with our instant disgust without hearing the story and without understanding that we are failing them. Alcoholism and abuse is everyones issue not just the victims - it disgraces us all.

Hope this helps:)
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