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We should tell her that everyone should get a chance to participate if she doesn't listen then talk about it to the teacher and discuss it with the whole class when she is not there.


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If it is so, then most probably this type of behaviour indicates that he/she is very confident and always correct. It is good to show off intelligence, but it is not nice to not let other people try.

The same case happened with me - I was (actually still am) the most knowledgeable student in my class, was always the one who gave the correct answer, even answered questions that were asked to anyone else, interrupted others while speaking. Then, one day, our language teacher - who had the habit of asking questions to weak students, he told me to keep quiet and listen to his advice , he told me - "Look, Soha(my name) everyone deserves a chance. Did you notice that I always ask questions to poor students? My main aim for doing the act is that all poor students have attention. Usually, I am giving the lectures, they just whisper among themselves - as a result, they learn nothing so, when I ask them questions , they always give a blank look and he becomes ashamed in front of the whole class. This is the thing that when they will understand that their reputation will be destroyed, they will listen to every word and gradually improve. You just let them a chance and you will see. And besides, in my class to the ones I ask questions are generally regarded as bad students. So, do you want to be counted in that group, understood?" I nodded. Few weeks later, I observed the students were becoming more enthusiastic in learning and slowly were able to give the answers. I have presented a real-life case and may it be of any help.

What he tried to explain to me is that if others are not given the chance, they will never have the chance to try. Good students will always give the correct answer so, has the teacher anything to explain or to point out a mistake. On the other hand, if he asked questions to poor students, they will start to improve. The flow of improving poor students will be disturbed if anyone answers the question, first. So, this is the thing.
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