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    I am a cloud and my name is Megh or Baadal.  I live in the open sky about 1 to 4 km above your residences.  I like my place.  I fly, run and move slowly as I wish.  Sometimes the wind pushes me too fast.

Many Gods reside on us and view the world from here.  We like hugging each other.  I take birth from the sea and ocean waters, by their getting evaporated and coming together near one another as tiny droplets.  Like you people, we are also colored.  We appear in white, black, gray colors.  Due to Sun light falling at different angles, we appear orange, or yellow  on some occasions. 

   We move in the sky from place to place, sea to land, state to state, and country to country, due to the winds blowing on us.  Some times we move together and cross each other.  We greet each other  while we pass others. 

   When the water collected becomes a lot more than I can bear, I rain.  Some times during heavy rains, electric thunder bolts come out us and pass to the Earth.  They are destructive unfortunately.  So people must be careful to avoid them.

   Often during summer we shield people from direct heat.  Many sports persons do not like us, as we interrupt their games.  Some times clothes washing people do not like us, also because the clothes do not dry quickly when a lot of us are present on the sky.

   Any way, we are friends of the people and do our function and duty, otherwise the farmers will not able to cultivate their lands.  Nowadays the people are causing  a lot of pollution and due to that we are getting polluted also.  That is the reason you  get  acid rains now and then.  So you should take precaution to prevent  pollution.  We will be happy and you also will be.

   I am so sacred, pleasant and beneficial to people (farmers, economists, government) that they invite me to give them rains during the agricultural seasons.  Many poets and devotees of God Rama praise and worship Him as having cloudy-blue colored body.  Even Lord Krishna is identified with dark blue cloud colored body.  I am one form of God Varun (lord of waters, rains, oceans).  Poet Kalidas had written a great epic on "Megha Sandesham" (a message via clouds) in Sanskrit.

   But these days by artificial pollution people are spoiling my purity and joy.  I am suffocating with all kinds of harmful gases coming from polluting activities of people.

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