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"The Lost Jewels" is told through a dialogue between the main character and an old schoolmaster whom he happened to stumble upon. He was visiting what 15 years prior was his own estate, which now lays in ruin just as he, Bhusan, lays in anonymity. The man who was speaking to him was basically telling the story of the ruin of the said Bhusan Saha; on how his biggest weakness seems to have been the love that he had for his wife. A love so strong that it rendered Bhusan weak, mistakenly assuming that the only way to possess his wife completely is to give in to her every whim, particularly every material desire that she wishes. However, this is the Asian culture and the role of men and women change considerably from those roles practices in the Western world. In a way, the schoolmaster blames Bhusan for having lost his wife's love.