In my views, both written work and laptops are two different things, both have different uses and both cannot be interchanged in all cases. Yes there are some cases in which it would be beneficial to replace written works with laptops, but it would not do justice in every field. Both have different values and principals and are used for different purposes, so they cannot be compared.

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Since you have told about written works, it can be good and a little bad too. By using laptops like Chromebook, that is connected to online clouds can reduce data redundancy and also prevent data loss. It is a smart way to share written data among friends and colleagues. Tons of copies, rough pages and notes can be reduced to a small 'notebook' [here notebook= laptop]. This will be a leap forward to save trees, by saving paper on a large scale.
But on the same time, it is not the best, as the art of writing can't be completely replaced. Children below 5 can't use lappies as they need to practice a lot on alphabets. Using laptops for every written purpose will also mark our dependencies on technology. And constant exposure to laptop screen is also not good for health.

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