He was a poet who wrote the Indian national song. He started to write poems at very young age (like less than 10). He is important to India, because he wrote poems when India was being ruled by britain. He was against british rule, and wrote lot of inspiring poems to fight against their rule. He even went on to win a Nobel Prize Award and I think he was even the first one to get Nobel prize from Asia. 

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Rabindranath Tagore was a highly talented multifaceted person. Many people think of him only as a poet and a writer. But he was much more than a person with Ideas and ability to express them in words. He was a man of action. He not only expressed his ideas in words but actually developed and lived new ways of living. He also spread his ideas about life and living in this way for the benefit of others. In this process he created an educational setup called Shanti Niketan based on practical activities that has now flourished in to a big university. His personal life as well as the activities of Shanti Niketan included thins like composing music and singing, staging dramas, painting, making handicrafts, and designing and wearing new kind of clothes for greater comfort. However he we go by the international awareness, Tagore is best known for collection of poems called Gitanjali, for which he received a Nobel Price in literature in 1913.