I need an 1 minute speaking matter on the topic "Science and Future" in about 120 - 150 words. Please help me out.

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Goodmorning/ Afternoon fellow classmates and teacher, today I shall be addressing an important issue that faces us, generation Y, as a whole. That issue is the role of science in our future lives. The way it will affect our successes and our failures are thoughts up for contemplation today as we delve into the frightening, yet exciting world that science has in store for us not too far away from our present day. Today I would like to discuss three major points regarding the topic of future worlds and scientific discoveries which are as follows: Should we embrace the future world of science?

Is there really any other option?
And lastly, will those who embrace the concept of a scientific future be the only ones to succeed? With no further ado I shall dive right into the first topic. Should we as human beings growing up in an ever changing society embrace and accept the future world of science? Even now in 2012 we use science and technology on an everyday basis. We go on Facebook, we text our friends, we watch TV. Now, why do we do all this? Because it’s fun? So we can communicate with our friends? Whilst these are both true I think the main reason, is simply so we can fit in with our peers. It is common knowledge that the outcast never succeeds and how could they? If you’re going for a job interview and the interviewer asks for your phone number and you tell them you don’t own a phone. What are they going to think? Would they hire you over someone else with the same qualifications who does own a phone? What I’m trying to say is, if one doesn’t embrace technology in this day and age, they are putting themselves at a disadvantage to the billions of other people out there who use all that science has to offer on a daily basis. An example of this can be seen in the film ‘Gattaca’ where a young man named Vincent takes on the persona of a genetically blessed man so as to achieve his goals in life.

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This speech is for about 2 minutes. So please pick what you like for 1 minute duration.  Dear Friends, now I wish to express my opinion on what science has for us for the future. It is very relevant to all of us, as our careers may depend on science.   We are certainly affected by what science creates each day for us.  

       Science is the systematic study of laws of nature, human being, animals, environment, plants, space etc. for their physical, and chemical properties.  It is the study of behavior of substances and life found in the nature as well as those produced in the laboratory.  

What good has it done to us:
      Science has really done wonders for all of us and our lives. Science has discovered laws, has invented many new products. Engineers, doctors, and scientists have made a number of gadgets and appliances for use at homes, in offices or in industries. Without science it is difficult to imagine what our like would be like.

       Science continues to make our life easier, healthier and safer. Long ago people lived in darkness in the night and did not much know about other countries. Now people have flown to the Moon.  The enormous development on the Earth has been possible due to dedicated scientists and sharing of knowledge. When I say science, it means mathematical, physical, chemical, biological and medical sciences.

Has it done some bad too?
       The way we use Science, leads to some important side-effects effects: global warming, pollution, chemical weapons etc.  Unfortunately, science cannot prevent these side effects and potential risks. Science lead the man to invent bombs too.

What will it do in future?
   In future science will advance more in each area and will contribute to improve quality of our life in each small aspect. Advances in medical science are making our life span longer and healthier.  Use of energy and resources will hopefully become rational and more efficient.  We will be able to eat high quality food and drink high quality water.
   In future science will build new type of homes, gadgets, more convenient, safe lifestyle, simpler and safer transport for us all.  The people can live better, even though it may be costlier.   Huge amounts are being invested on scientific researches.  More and more jobs and professions may evolve due to science.

       Is the man going to help the mankind more in future? At times one wonders if science will make our life more complicated.  It is a good question that  only future can answer.  I am optimistic about the future.  Science can make us fly and live in space in future perhaps in the next century, like our mythological epics have Gods flying in the sky.  Science will make man do wonders that are perhaps not possible to imagine now.  It is possible that we may see the Iron man (flying man), invisible cloaks and disease free lives.  It is so interesting to even think about.  

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