There were three frnds. they went 2 a watch shop and there they ask the shopkeeper "what is the rate of the watch" shopkeeper said 75 rupees. They all contribute 25-25 rupees each and they buy the watch. The owner of the shop came and ask the worker "how much amount did you take from them for the watch".he said 75. the owner told him the rate of the watch was 70 go and return there money. he think how can i distribute 5 rupees in 3 people he take 2 rupees and give them 3 rupees. that's mean they all spend 24-24 rupees each. so 24+24+24= 72 and + 2 rupees =74 where is 1 rpupe??????????????????????????????



3 rupees they got back n 2 rupees as loss so 3+2=5 it's just a misconception dear
So, take it in a simple way

when the shopkeepre gave his worker rupees 5 so he is left with rupees 70
now the worker took Rs.2 from Rs.5 so the worker have 2 RS
the worker returned RS 3 to the frnds
so,RS 70 with the shopkeeper+RS 2 with the worker+RS 3 with the frnds