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So, There are two girls,Naina and Anchal.
Naina- Hey Anchal ! How are you and have completed today's Biology homework.
Anchal- Oh no! I forgot again about it.
Naina- I am seeing that this days you are not completing homework on time.But you shouldn't do like that. If you continue submitting your homeworks always late then you will not get much good grades.Your parents are so worried about you.
Anchal- Sorry Naina I will not do like that I will complete my homework on time from now.
Naina -Yes you should if you don't do your work on time it creates a bad impression in the teacher's mind and they will remain unaware of your talents. You will also get more leisure time and you won't have to do overtime or procrastinate.
Anchal - Thanks Naina. I promise, from now I will always submit the assignments on time. I have realised my mistake and won't repeat it again.

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