Frnd1: Have you every wondered what would you do if you where the leader of the world?
Frnd2:Yes, if i was the leader of the world i would encorage all the kids why they should go to school and why is education very important.
Frnd1:That is very kind to know, could you tell me more about importance of education?
Frnd2: Sure, With the upcoming technologys and development the new genration should also learn to be smart and do well for there society.
School is not only a place where you learn and just pass ur exams but a place where we learn how to stay health,moral values,respect others,and live a safe and better life.
School is a place where they teach us how to be more confident, how to be self dependent,make your dreams come true and how to earn a good living and live a sucessfull life ahead.
Frnd1: That is really wonderfull and i should say that all the kids should know this and go to school and live a better life.
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