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Olden days has olden view, older people, olden beliefs and customs...This reflects in olden movies...They may be about obnoxious rules or strange followings, and make almost no sense to the newer generation..They also feel conspiracy against such useless customs shown in these movies.. What makes this boring is that the new generation feel the heroes and heroines are acting stupid (which might be wise at that time).. The stories also have a weak script with mostly tears That is what I feel makes them boring.   MOVIES HAVE BEEN THE SOURCE OF ENTERTAINMENT FROM TIME  UNMEMORABLE.MOVIES ARE TOOLS OF RELAXATION. TEENAGERS OF PRESENT GENERATION FEEL WATCHING OLD MOVIES IS QUITE BORING.IT IS TRUE UPTO SOME EXTENT.THE YOUNG GENERATION HAVE FRESH IDEAS ND SO THEIR FILMS ALSO DISPLAY FRESH IDEAS,STORIES,THEMES ETC. WHICH IS LIKED BY EVERYONE.THEN THE SONGS OF NEW FILMS ARE JUST AWESOME,MASALADER IN ONE WORD.THEY BRING AWARENESS TO THE PEOPLE WHAT IS GOING IN THE WORLD.THE LOCATIONS OF THE FILMS ARE JUST SPELLBOUND .TODAY'S FILMS DEALS WITH THE SOCIAL PROBLEMS,POLITICAL PROBLEMS,ECONOMICAL PROBLEMS,CASTE PROBLEMS ETC.IT WOULD BE WRONG TO SAY OLD FILMS ARE BORING,IT IS EXCITING FOR THE OLD PEOPLE AND MANY YOUNG GUYS BUT FOR ME NEW FILMS ARE BEST.