Begin by telling about how you first became fastinated with this hobby and what about it caught your interest. 

Speak about different aspects or components of the hobby and what an interested hobbyist does compared to someone who is an avid about it. 

Talk about how much it costs and the different financial obligations for the beginner to the experienced hobbiest. And where you get the supplies for your hobby. 

Talk about if you have met others while doing this hobby and if so, how deep are their interests. What is the average age group of people participating in this hobby. Is this hobby a solo hobby or is it necessary to have others involved to increase your pleasure in doing this hobby. 

Can this hobby make you money someday and would you do it for money or is this strictly for your own personal enjoyment? 

Talk about if this hobby has taught you any skills that you would otherwise not have known by now. Talk about how perhaps you have gotten better at it and if you intend to do this hobby for a life time or if it is a stepping stone to another hobby. 

O kay then, this ought to help you get started. Write down your speach and time it. Embellish a bit if you ned to use more time to make the grade.

Hope this helps:)
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ty u saved me bro
You're welcome Phenom!!!