This saying is very true. we, the humans are the most intelligent creatures on this planet but we are incomplete without prior education and skills.
     our minds are not been developed to put in the garbage"worthy and non-worthy education and thoughts." rather our minds needs a quest, a quest to find out own principles, knowledge, and wisdom. Our minds are not like a dustbin in which we can put rubbish and kept it aside, rather it is like a plant which needs nourishment at its very starting stage and at each phase of life. then, one day it will grow into a huge tree and will share the fruits of knowledge with the whole world. one should know his limits and should lit his mind with the flames of knowledge, skills, experience and wisdom. lit your minds with flames of the greatest-knowledge and skills. show the potential of your mind to the rest of the world and prove that our minds aren't a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled every day and every time.
our minds can only grow and extend its limits to beyond only when we try to do so. A fire gets extinguished when harsh wind blows or when water is being put in it. But one should never let his inner fire extinguished. distributing wealth can one day results in its end nut sharing and distributing knowledge to all is the start of gaining knowledge and each time when it is distributed and shared, it grow more stronger and our minds get enlighten with innovations and moralities.
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