Coconut tree can be used as:-
1. the coconuts can be used
   a. to eat and drink the water.
   b. coconut oil can be obtained.
2. leaves can be used to make thatched roofs.
3. the bast fibre(husk) can be used to make ropes.
4.the shells can be used to make decorative items and instruments.
5. the wood can be used to make furniture and houses.
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the uses of coconut tree are:-
1.Immune digestive system.
2.Aids the digestive system.
3.Anti bacterial,Antiviral and Anti fungal actions and hair care
5.Prevents heart disease.
6.Aids weight loss.
7.Antioxident and anti-cancer.
8.Coconut oil relieves symtoms .
9.It is good for urinary,kidney and bladder problems.
10.Helps prevent liver disease.

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