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    Media means the medium (or channel) through which people or public learn and exchange news and information. Media is the intermediary between people, celebrities, people and politicians, sportsmen, and filmy personalities. Most of the people start their day with a cup of coffee and a newspaper. Often people are eager to finish reading the weekly magazines they like and subscribe to.

  Media include newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, and the latest being the Internet on computers and on cell phones and electronic gadgets. Earlier people used to run media manually. There was a lot of difficulty in the job and limitation of information exchange.  Now, due to the Internet, web & mobile cameras, and web technologies, the media and networking jobs have become very easy.  Also, people are able to benefit much more.

  Networking here means interaction with friends, relatives and professional colleagues world over. The networking may be for official purposes or private purposes. The objective or networking is to synchronize with one another in terms of status and information updates. The information may be related to achievements, beginning, progress or completion of an activity, criticism or praise over an activity of one another or a third party. Networking in the old days used to difficult for people. People were in touch only with their neighbors. People had to travel from one place to another to meet personally. They could talk on phones, but with only some satisfaction.

  The scene has changed in this decade. Advances in electrical, electronic hardware, Telecom and Information Technology have changed every thing. Many social media and networking sites like facebook, linkedin, yahoo, google+, youtube, whatsapp, messenger sites etc. allow people to quickly receive and exchange important information, keep in touch, cheaply just on a few clicks.  Now, that keeps the young and adults busy and entertained most of the time.  There are many educational networking sites too for collaborative and interactive learning and contributing experience. Brainly is one of them. Many students and teachers actively participate on these and benefit one other.

  These sites allow exchange of text, audio, hyper links, pictures and video. Social networking costs but they are good as the experience brings out talents out of the person and gives one some additional opportunities. Further children learn many things much before they are adults, so they are equipped with skills by the time they are employed.

  Media and networking have changed people's lives. People feel very happy to exchange their experiences with friends and getting feedback. Media and networking nowadays do  a lot of opinion polls that show the public opinion. They are also being taken into account by people in India and abroad. People feel happy when they receive applauds and greetings on their marriage or birthday anniversaries.

  Media and networking is some thing that big people fear some times, due to the risk of exposure of their crimes and scams.  Media has been fighting against crime, scams, and exploitation since centuries.  Now networking of people and media has made the media very powerful.  So media and networking serve and protect the interests of people.  People advertise and makes themselves, their companies and their products through media and networking.  During disasters and calamities, media plays an important role.  Many media persons risk their lives to bring out scams into light.

  Government has makes use of (its private) networking of their divisions for quick and coordinated work flow in their governance. Many private organizations use social (or private) networking nowadays to unite their employees and manage them. Now people and celebrities too use twitter services by exchanging tweets.

Negative sides:
   But there have been many negative sides too to the social networking and media.  Some times media make much ado for nothing. One spends some time on irrelevant stuff.  Some times people trap and cheat with fake identities. Some news is also faked.  Very sadly, there are expert professionals who create viruses and spread them. There are hackers who take pleasure in hacking and destroying other's pleasure. Connection to Internet may be expensive and some times these sites become an addiction and time consuming too.

  In spite of the cons, world over, media and networking has gained a very important role now. They have grown to an uncontrollably huge size. There are many employment opportunities too. But the job needs excellent communication abilities, talent, ability to react and deliver quickly, sweet personality, and courage to face challenges. Media and networking contributes significantly to the development of people and country, when used the right way. One must use the media and networking in a controlled manner.

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