I want a conversation between two friends. Theywere discussing. You noticed some students troubling elderly citizens in the bus. Discuss with our partner
-What should be done to stop them disturbing other passengers?
-What can be done to make people more sensitive towards senior citizens?



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 1. We must make them understand not to disturb the passengers
 2. If they still don't understand then we should try to make them understand with example we must tell them will u feel good if someone disturbs you like you are disturbing the passengers.
Senior citizens are someone with silver in their hair and gold in their heart.
We should respect the old people as they teaches us many things they take care of us when our parents are out for work
We should not send them to old age home. The people who taught us to walk, eat, sleep, talk do they deserve to stay in old age home ? No they need to be treated with care and dont forget that one day we will also come at their age .
See the documentery prepared by nisha bhardwaj .
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