One day i am going to the city for the medicine, with some money in my the way i saw one beautiful and fantastic flower, it is so big. i went near it then i saw two honey bees playing with joy on honey bee is in the color of beige and the other in violet. i was amazed because they were talking in English.then i asked them hey, honey bees can speak english? then they answered no we are not ordinary honey bees, we are fairy bees, we give wishes. i asked will u give me wishes..then they told oh sure each of us give 2 wishes.then i asked to give something useful to me beige colored bee gave me a rupee coin and an cot and i asked the other to me which is so worthy it gave me a shawl and lemon i asked these are not useful for me they told these are the useful things to an poor man because with an rupee he an buy some food and with cot he can get some money by driving it and with an shawl, for an land miner it is like an gold and the lemon it will work like an medicine.then i understood the value of them and gonw away from there
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