List of some addition polymers and their usesPolymerAbbreviationPropertiesUsesLow Density PolyethyleneLDPEChemically inert, flexible,insulatorSqueeze bottles, toys, flexible pipes, insulation cover (electric wires), six pack rings, etc.High Density PolyethyleneHDPEInert, thermally stable, tough and high tensile strengthBottles, pipes, inner insulation of coax cable, plastic bags, etc.PolypropylenePPResistant to acids and alkalies, High tensile strengthAuto parts, industrial fibers, food containers, liner in bags, dishware and as a wrapping material for textiles and foodPolystyrene (thermocole)PSThermal insulator. Properties depends on the form, expanded form is tough and rigidPetri dishes, CD case, plastic cutleryPolytetrafluoroethylenePTFEVery low coefficient of friction, excellent dielectric properties, chemically inertLow friction bearings, non-stick pans, coating against chemical attack etc.PolyvinylchloridePVCInsulatorPipe, fencing, lawn chairs, hand-bags,curtain clothes, non-food bottles, raincoats, toys, vinyl flooring etc.PolychlorotrifluoroethylenePCTFEStable to heat and thermal attacks, high tensile strength and non wettingvalves, seals, gaskets etc.
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