The nightingale has scaled the heights of success.But how the audience is dwiling,the frog is unhappy and reprimands her all the time. she is mentaly physiclly exhausted and fers failure.As the nightingale,write a diary entry highlighting her fears and analyzing the reasons for her failure.




I still remember the day the frog came up to me and said those sweet words. I was such a fool to not to realize his pretence, my submissive nature making me feel so. The frog is such a big fake and I, being timid and foolish, believed him.
Now, I notice I can’t sing as melodiously as I used to sing before. The witty frog charged fee and earned a lot. He compelled and threatened me to sing for hours, which ruined my melodious voice. He tortured me in the name of training and now I realize it was not training but his plot to kill me gradually due to exertion. Now, death seems to be knocking at the door.
Today, I can’t sing as the frog desires me to, and I am physically exhausted. It was foolish of me not to have doubted the frog’s integrity. Thus, he took undue advantage of my innocence and led me to my own death. I have come to terms with what might happen to me soon. Thus, peacefully, I embrace death, which is inevitable. I want to pass on the message that we should never believe or have faith in others, blindly.
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