Your essay can be break down into the following: 
1. paragraph 1: Introduction. ( Something like everyone has a house, a home.....just a few sentence) 
2. paragraph 2: Description ( What does your house look like? What is it like in the neighbor hood? What is your environment like? History? How was it bought??...etc) Write the Most here, remember that this is important. You can also describe each room specifically if you ran out of ideas. 
3. paragraph 3: Explanation( What do you like/dislike about this house. Is this your dream house? How can you make it better?) 
4. paragraph 4: Conclusion ( Write about how the house is a home to you, something that can not be replaced( teachers like that conclusion)....etc.) 

ps. Focus on paragraph 2 since it is a descriptive essay!!! 

Hope this helps:)
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