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As we all know water is essential for all of us.but now in the modern world we dont think about it and continuously waste it.only 1%water on the surface of the earth is in usable form.rain water is the purest form of water.rain water harvesting means means collecting  of rain water for after can be stored in tanks or even in buckets.the water stored  can be used for various purposes like watering plants washing utensils etc.water is a precious resource.we should not waste it .it is our need thats why we should think for the future and we should save water.
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Water is basic need of life.We cant stay alive without water.Fortunately, 75% of earth's surface is covered ith water but main problem is that the whole water is not  safe for use.
We can use only its some part.But due to increase in population, nedd for water increase and lead to decrease in water.So we need to conservw water by rainwater harvesting.
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