GOOD MORNING ALL!!!This is _______(name) pleased and here to address about RELIGION.religion!!!! the most important issue of our Indians.
There were many issues in India on religions. for education, caste and religion; for marriage religion; for job caste and religion!!!the devil that caught many of the Indians for allll these thing.. what's happening here?? all of us stop thinking that I AM A HINDU,IAM A MUSLIM, I AM A CHRISTIAN, I AM A BUDDHIST!!!What not there are many religions in India. But India is still a secular country with reigious dicussions. let's stop this and fell that India is my religion and be as one for many long years.thank u. jai hind!!
thank u from me. comment for changes to answer better next time.

no i thought that u live in delhi
why so ?
u thought i live in delhi?
i am having a friend here name tanishq so i thought...