GOOD MORNING/GOOD AFTERNOON/GOOD EVENING ALL!!This is ----------(name) here to address and pleased to speak about media and networking.MEDIA he fastest now-a-days.a small news passes to whole world through this media. media is of intension to spread the news to people such that it reaches to all the people. but it also creates unnesscasary gossips on many of the stars in film and sports field. media is the which helps u know many things which are unknown to us  through the research of journalists. this helps people a lot.And SOCIAL NETWORKING is the  same thing related to media where an individual has his own account and ID which helps him know many unknown things.we have many like this like facebook, twitter. but small children addicting to this for example under age of 12 is not good for the attitude of childresn. hence media and social networking are U/A certificate that is to be used under elder's survivillance.
thank u jai hind!!!
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