Its true mind is not just a vessel that is to be filled for our convenience its has to be well and truly awake and alert at all Sherlock Holmes once said 'U see, my friend, but not observe and that's the problem' the quote, to know more about our surroundings and the people around us its necessary that we observe  rather than see....thats life right? a social one ....we are placed in our society by the way we behave and on our ability to adapt and adjust to our surroundings.,....if u are not a social worm and a solitary one.....its still important to be alert because rather than people around you , you have thoughts...and the thoughts according to me are and will be a vital part of our forward life as our thoughts shape our behavior and obviously our response and and the way we look at life and how we experience it...change is a necessity in life...and in order to change we have to have a idea on how we have to become,what change to bring in us....and to get that idea you either have to observe others who have already made that change in their life....or we have to bring up a idea of our change.....all these we do and follow consciously or unconsciously in our everyday we can assuredly tell that we are awake in all ways and the above passage proves it.