Mind is a not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled. Discuss.

“Education” may be an ordinary word to most people, but very few actually understand the deep meaning beneath it. In this dynamic world, we need to be equipped with the necessary skills and hard work to survive. Understanding the education system is integral to allow students to understand the purpose of studying, the purpose of going to school everyday. Is education in Singapore really “holistic”? Are there flaws? 
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The saying "The mind is not vessel to be filled,but a fire to be kindled" means a lot to the present situation of education.Students should not be forced to acquire knowledge as filling something into an empty vessel.Education should be like a fire that is lit upon something that grows eventually to sustain.It is totally different that when a student is forced to acquire knowledge rather than tempted to acquire knowledge by his own interest and curiosity.

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