Aisa kar news on kar times now laga kuch na kuch mil jayega ya fir 
Okay let me tell u something serious about this topic
go on youtube and look for afzal guru. See what happened to him use it as a ex. in your speach you will rock then. By the way hint his hometown is sopore in kasmir. Look for sopore too you will get a lot of info. K ask me for more or give thanks or brainliest answers
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I dont think its good but you can still try this......
There was peace and harmony on earth before man made weapons. They started bykilling animals for their survival and ended killing each other in hatred , anger etc.  Terrorists are a group of people who come together and kill people at a large scale by shooting firing bombing etc. The main motive of terrorists is to cause terror in the whole world so that people would fear them and that they could rule the world. Most of the terrorists just kill people since their religious sentiments have been hurt. Terrorism,as some say is a mental illness which occurs in people with loads of anger in them.
thats all.....i hope you like it.