500 words essay on Role of children in making fuel conservation a national movement.

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500 words essay on Role of children in making fuel conservation a national movement.
500 word essay on role of children in making fuel conservation a national movement



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"Children are our greatest treasure. They are our future." - Nelson Mandela
 This quote of Nelson Mandela couldn't have been more correct when we think about children as our next generation. They are important as the future of country will depend on them. Equally important are the resources that they will need to drive the growth. If the consumption of fossil fuels continues at the present rate, it is estimated that Oil would be depleted by 2050, Gas by 2060 and coal by 2080. With consumption rate so much greater than replenishment rate, it is evident that this would lead to scarcity of these resources and not everyone would be able to afford these resources and this can greatly impede the growth of people and country.  

The Union Minister Veerapa Moily has set an example of fuel conservation by travelling in Metro. He highlights, "Fuel conservation is as important as fuel production."
So the present generation, the children of today will also need to take responsibility to ensure that they would have resources for future. Children need to understand that every small step counts. Ocean is made of drops, a mountain is made of tiny grains. So taking the lead, taking the initiative and believing 'One can make a difference' is the first step towards making fuel conservation a national Movement.  

Children can set an example for adults by being aware and raising the urgency of the issue. Some ways in which children can contribute are:
1.       Adoption of Public Transport as a means to travel.
2.       Minimizing waste and Careful use of resources such as gas, heating 3.       Starting Awareness drives in their locality
4.       Creating Graphics and Posters highlighting the problem.
5.       Creating or Being part of groups and communities about conservation of resources.
6.       Exploring Renewable resources and taking DIY renewable resources projects with the community These measures practiced over a longer duration of time can vastly make difference and help improve the burgeoning deficits on fuel and energy of our country.  In Unity lies strength
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