Positive Impact:
1. Teens can learn social interactions with their peers through involvement in media.
2. Increased social confidence, more social support and heightened media literacy.
3. Developed cultural and political awareness.
Negative Impact:
1. Magazine advertisements encourage teenage girls to think their hair needs to be long or short, red, blond or brunette.
Movies and television programs often show characters using drugs and alcohol and engaging in violent behaviours.
By the end of 20th century we can observe that media technology and its effects are as powerful as it were never before. The invention of the cell phone, appearance of computers, laptops, and internet communication has become a vital link in communicating with others. It has become inseparable part of our life and it is everywhere and it is impossible to escape them. Teenagers all over the world are growing up in a world, where the Internet, cell phones, text messaging and other technology dominates the communication and it is an integral part of everyday life.
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GOOD MORNING/ GOOD EVENING/ GOOD AFTERNOON ALL!! this is _______(name) here to address and pleased to speak about impact of media on teenagers. teenagers are the most curious persons who wanted to know all the matter is!!if they are interseted in good matters it 's good or else that's it.and media is the medium between people and the world to share all the things going around the world. leaving the TV media let's come SOCIAL MEDIA first where all the teenagers have their interest like facebook, twitter. here these r the best one if used really for good.
 but people today i.e teeanagers are getting addicted o bad in it. hence, our INDIAN GOVERNMENT started a programme named SWATCH INTERNET same as SWATCH BHARAT.these have a lot of impact leading to immerse of life like addicting to bad habits and bad visuals . thank u!! jai hind
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