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Related to units and dimensions - measurements

Dimension is a symbol that denotes the measurement unit of a physical quantity. 

A basic dimension or fundamental dimension is a symbol represented by an alphabet.  For example for the physical quantity  length, the units are centimeter or meter or foot or inch etc. in different measurement systems.

A dimension is an algebraic way of representing the measuring unit of a physical quantity.  The dimensions of a physical quantity are the same irrespective of the system of measurement. 

The dimension representing the unit of length is :  [ L^1 ]

The dimensions are useful in establishing relations among various physical quantities.  Area and  volume of physical bodies are represented by square of length or cube of length.  The dimensions of these are  [ L^2 ]  and [ L^3 ] respectively.

Dimensions  in space , time world are  represented by  x, y and z axis and time coordinates.
These are called the four dimensions.  A point is dimension less.  A straight line has one dimension.  A curve or plane has two dimensions.   The physical world has objects having volume, and all these objects having volume are 3-dimensional objects.

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