-The television set is called an colloquially called an 'idiotbox' for a reason. The TV does not provide any educational benefit for young kids, it steals time for other brain developing activities like interacting with other people and playing games. A child learns a lot from these activities than simply watching moving images on a video screen, it stops him from thinking about those images because they move so fast, leading to attention deficit disorder -TV viewing takes away time from the child which can be utilized in developing skills like language acquisition, creativity, motor and social skills. -It can prevent the child from exercising initiative, being intellectually challenged, thinking analytically about problems and using his imagination. It also takes time away from reading which as is widely known and believed to contribute immensely towards the wholesome development of a person. -school kids who watch too much TV and work less on their homework or studies, tend to retain less information and show poor performance in school. -It influences negative behaviour and lack of empathy towards other children, they tend to resort to violence an. The child is like clay and its mind should be shaped through useful activities like reading, painting, singing, dancing and playing outside.