Without individuals who appreciate the natural world and actively champion its preservation, we wouldn’t have the nearly 110 million acres of wilderness areas that we enjoy today. More than four million acres are located in Washington state alone — right in our own backyard. For more than a century, wilderness conservation has been a primary driver of The Mountaineers. Our members care deeply about protecting the outdoors and sharing it with others. Today we are passing that conservation ethic along to younger and more diverse groups, encouraging them to take a key role in the preservation and stewardship of our public lands and waters. We could not succeed in this important work without the dedication and enthusiasm of our volunteers, more than 1,900 of them. These individuals are integral to the impact we are making in connecting youth and children with the outdoors and in promoting sustainable recreation practices and conservation. Our volunteers help us leverage donor contributions, making every dollar stretch farther and do more. At The Mountaineers, we rely on your participation as a member to sustain our vision and on your financial contributions to help us develop and grow our programs. Our future impact depends on your continued support. For those of you who have given your time and money, we thank you for your partnership and for inspiring us with your generosity. For those who have not yet taken the next step to become a financial donor and champion of The Mountaineers, we hope reading this annual report will lead to your own breakthrough moment!