I and my friends went out for a picnic ,to our nearest forest .there was a spot where we use to come during our school picnics. this place was visited by us already,so, we all decided to go somewhere else . we went deep inside the forest and spotted a place.we started to camp there with all our cakes and other eatables . when we were playing under an old banayan tree , one of my friend saw a dangerous snake on the branches of that tree . she informed us quickly.the snake was about 3 feet long and it looked as a very poisonous snake . evryone started shouting while some other 2 snakes came out from their holes. we were surrounded by those scaring organisms .....we started shouting and crying loudly,and finally hearing our loud voice the nearby people came to rescue us . soon we were safe..but still that moment would always be memorable for me...
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thanks a lot for the answer but we have to write how would we face the situation with courage and presence of mind
i m really very sorry i dint mention complete question
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Me and my friends went to the picnic to the park in our town.then we saw an snake in one of the bushes.then suddenly my heart started beating quickly and i shouted loudly.then some elder people came near to us and saw the snake. they told to us that don't worry because that snake will not harm you. then i felt so relaxed.but i don't like to be there so i came out of that place and went to home.
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