Helen was a determined fighter who never gave up. She was a born fighter ,someone who never learnt the meaning of giving up. For her life was always hard. She was born inflicted with polio and her parents couldnt afford her treatment. At the age of 10 she was crippled and on crutches. But helen was a lively girl. Her crutches didnt stop her from having fun . One day while returning from school she saw a boy standing on the middle of the road. He would have been hit by a car if helen hadnt pushed him out of the way. Her luck saved her. Instead of being crushed by the car she was discovered by the car driver. He was a basketball coach. He helped Helen asked her who she was as he was astonished by her bravery. Then he made her join his academy. Helen became his first physically challenged student. He trained helen to play basketball in a wheelchair. Helen with her severe determination practised and one day played for her country winning gold medal
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No...she is crippled
no she is blind
This is nt helen killer