If u want 2 use acerbic humour 

Quote 1 
" U seniors (name some 2 personalise) will go far in life, 
and the further from us the better." 
Then raise ur eyebrows and grimace (or whatever) 

If however, u want 2 b complimentary 
Quote 2 
" U seniors don't need our good luck wishes 
u will I'm convinced succeed in ur life and career without them" 

If u decide 2 b funny 
Quote 3 
" We might well meet on Wall Street one day 
u working for (name a merchant bank) and me at Burger King 

Whatever u decide on eventually - best of 

Ok, 3 more & that's it !!!! 

Speaker: A tip my father gave me years ago 

" If u want life 2 b plain sailing 
Don't get the wind up." 
In other words stay cool, don't get upset. 

" Sometimes in this world of ours, 
Wise madness is better than foolish sanity" 
A deep one this - very thought provoking, but worth 
considering if u think the audience can handle it. 

Hope this helps:)