Friendship is important to all of us. True friendship is an identity of souls, rarely to be found in this world. True friends are like gems. So, having true friends is like having treasure. Whether young or old, all of us need friends to support us. Friends mean a lot more to most of us. It is a relationship that goes beyond the barriers of age, sex, caste, creed, language or nationality. Friendship makes life more meaningful. Our lives could otherwise be lonely without friends because friends make good company. Everyone needs to socialise as we cannot live alone. However, friendship must not depend on money. Friendship that is based on money is not genuine. Friends should accept one another based on their trust for each other and not because of their wealth. In a nutshell, friends are the second most important thing for us next to family. Good friendship has a lasting and beneficial influence on everybody’s life and success. Real friends shares infinite love and caring between each other. 
From the childhood itself we need friends. No one can live happily without even having one friend at least. In the different stages of our life each and every person should try to keep friends. Because friends should influence one’s life which may be bad or good. 
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Good morning to one and all this is (u r name). Today I am standing here to deliver few words on friendship.friendship is a bond between two people.friendship means knowing each other and understanding each other. Friendship includes fun,fight,enjoyment,memories etc. We meet many people in our life,we make many friends in our life but true friend is the one who is always with us in our happiness and also in our sadness.making friends is too easy but continuing the friendship is not that easy.I want to conclude that friendship is not just timepaas it is a bond of true understanding.
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