Mera pasandida tv show tarak mehta ka ulta chasmah hai. mujhe yah programme bahut pasand hai kyonki is programme mein darshko ko khub hasaya jata hain. yah tv show rat ke sadhe aath baje aata hain. aur agar kisi ka kisi wajah dekhna na ho paye to aap isko dobara do baje dopahar mein bhi dekh sakte hain. yah tv show sab tv nam ke ek channel par aata hai. yah choto se bado aur vridha logo ka bhi manoranjan karta hai.
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Most people in America have at least one program they can't live without. Most kids will rush out of school to see cartoons like Batman or Gargoyles. Most homemakers set the ironing-board in front of daytime talk shows like Sally Jesse Raphael or Oprah. My Grandmother will hold all call for The Young and the Restless. If you work during the day time hours, you may tape your favorite shows or just find new ones, …showed first 75 words of 741 total……showed last 75 words of 741 total…roller-chair races down the hospital halls. In a recent episode, when Dr. Benton needed an appendectomy, his ill-treated student Dr. Carter performed the operation and afterwards took unflattering photographs of Dr. Benton lying with a few other willing interns and doctors while he was still sedated. ER fills my weekly prescription for suspense, life-lessons and laughter. Other people may be addicted to their Monday or Wednesday night sitcoms, but for me the doctor ordered ER.
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