ARTS AND CRAFTS!!!the creative activities that makes us innovative are arts and crafts.these are made to be learn from childhood but after reaching secondary school, there are very few schools which have special time for arts and crafts.
we will be seeing many of our friends who had a great interest towards these activities but not even parents or teachers encouraging this!!! arts and crafts are the best way to increase the thinking capability and range of imagination. the more u imagine, the more u r creative. that makes the difference from u r neighbours, relatives, friends. we know there are lot of movies from hollywoood like AVTAR which were made out of imagination. here in india these kind of films are not possible because we dont have that imaginating power..!!!!!!arts and crafts brings that creativeness in us. arts are made out of many things like paints, pencils, crayons , color pencils and many more. crafts are the things that are made from paper and scissor mostly and their types. there is a sentence BEST FROM WASTE this can be made through crafts.
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