Feudalism in Europe goes like this
first the kings or lords are in the first position or higher position then comes the vassals they get land from the lords in return of military services and then the vassals appoint the knights for the king they appoint them in fighting wars
and then the vassals also appoint the peasants for working in land and the vassals take most of the crop profit and leave less for the peasants to live

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here m going to tell u abt feudalism....
feudalism word came frm the word 'feud',means a piece of land. In india, feudalism means 'zamidari system'. Feudalism convert the European society into 3 orders i.e- 1. the clergy( consists of all d mmbrs associated vd church) ; 2. the nobility (consists of landlords) ; 3. the peasants( sm peasants r free n sm unfree) ; 4. the middle class(towns people).. feudalism took place in Europe frm 9-16th centuries. it was started by roman king charlesmagne (742-814)..
feudalism process runs through 'vassalage'(medium/servant) system, means kings appoints landlords at certain places to take revenue frm peasants n pay fixed amount to him.. so landlords had direct contact vd same way landlords told peasants to work on their fields n working areas n in return they provide them security... thus peasants hv direct contact vd landlords... this is vassalage system...but later peasants started migrating to towns n thus vassalage system broken n feudalism ends#...n if u still have any doubt or wnt to know anything else related to feudalism thn message me..
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